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Authorization To Release Information

I hereby authorize any of Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds, agents or employees, bearing this release, or copy thereof, within eight years of it's date, to obtain any information in the files of the Department of Human Services, the Social Security Administration, SSI, Postal Service Records, Telephone records, Telephone Records from local and long distance carriers, employment records including, but not limited to academic achievement, attendance, athletic, personal history, medical records, credit history, rental office, pawn shop and other records normally covered by the Freedom of Information Act. I hereby direct you to release information upon request of the barrier of this sheet. This release is executed with full knowledge and understanding if for the official use of Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds. Consent is granted for _________________. To furnish such information as is directed to third parties to the course of fulling it's official responsibilities.

I hereby release you, as custodian of such records, and any local school, college, university, medical and other repository medical records, credit bureau, lending agencies, consumer reporting agencies, retail establishments, including it's officers, employees, orrelated personnel, both individually and collectively, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind which may at any time result to me, my heirs, family or associates because of compliance with this authorization and request to release information or any attempt to comply with it.

I waive any and all rights to privacy granted by but not limited to, the 1989 Right To Privacy Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or any and all legislation be it federal, state or local.

As a Client of Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds you agree to observe the following rules

1. You must appear in court as required: Failure to appear in court will result in additional charges

known as (FTA) "Failure to Appear". In such case a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Under Texas Law you will be subject to a penalty of up to two years in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000.00.

2. You must call, come in or use check in app: Every Wednesday is mandatory check in day. If you choose to call or come in live to check in you must do so between the hours of 8 AM -5 PM This Weekly mandatory check in is required of you until ALL of your cases have been completely finished in court. If you choose to check in via check in app on your phone you have from midnight Wednesday morning until 11:45pm Wednesday evening. NO late check ins will be accepted.

3. All Class" C" Ticket: You are required to call the municipal court where the ticket(s) was/were issued within 10days of bonding out. Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds is not responsible for calling municipal courts to get court dates.

4. Report Changes: You must notify Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds of ANY and All changes in address, telephone number, employment or change of attorney.

5. Travel: You must notify Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds of any out of state travel. Failure to notify us will result in automatic termination of the bond and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

6. Violation of Any Law: While on bond you agree to commit no offense of the state, of any state or the United States. If you are incarcerated while on bond with Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds at any time, you MUST call us as soon as possible or we will terminate your bond.

7. Disposition of Your Case: A copy of your court disposition of dismissal or case completion must be submitted to Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds staff immediately following disposition.

8. Failure to Pay Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds: Failure to pay Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds will result in immediate termination of the bond which will result in a warrant issued for your arrest. Even after your case(s) is disposed, Bring 'Em Home Bail Bonds can pursue charges against you for "THEFT OFSERVICE" if your bond fee is not paid in full as agreed upon.
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